Believe me,I have many,many beauty products from various brands.haha..
My skincare regime consist of 5 different skincare brand.Seriously.I use Neutrogena for my facial wash& toner ...Olay for my day lotion..Softener lotion & t zone cleansing mask from Za Newyork.And bodyshop for my eyebag cream.

Don't even get me started on how many hair products I have..At last count I think I have more than 10...ooopss.Currently I'm using 2 shampoos loreal and sunsilk wif pink bottle.
I just love buying beauty products laaa!!!hehehe.Also you should see my huge make-up bag..teehee. sometimes my officemate love asking me to make them up for events & I love doing so!hehehe.

The most I have spend at Watson on products was RM200++.And of course i paid for it.So proud of myself ..hahahah!because I manage to NOT ask extra money from my parents for a long time.Just a week ago,I went to Bodyshop and bought the perfume .. then I went to Ellianto with my boy and bought some colours of eyeshadow.....and..I saw so many new things at Watson that I want to buy!!So i listdown of products that I want to buy soon, !

Okay ..
Here's the list of beauty products that I want to buy soon:

Loreal true match (Super-Blendable Liquid)
2. Binari Lulur scrub(the one that contains rice I think)
3. Maybelline New pure blush mineral
4. Maybelline Shiny licious

And so many more but I don't want to look more ..Hhehehe..


  1. "2. Binari Lulur scrub(the one that contains rice I think)"

    ermm... contain rice..? patut laaa beras naik harga...

  2. sy suka pg Watson! hehe
    byk benda best d sana.
    plg best nya skin care lah~ ;)


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