Missing babyhood when your babies grow up

BYE-BYE 2011

Next month my little twin turns two, and I am filled with a strange mix of
joy and sadness. I am joyful for the milestones reached and the wonderful journey it has been and will continue to be,ohh!!time fliest so fast ; ( I say good-bye to Danials babyhood..& looking ahead with joy to the new adventures we will have.

Time flies so fast kan ;( Kejapnya masa berlalu., tak sangka my little twin pun dah besar..Dah pandai bercakap pun since 18month dowang dah boleh menyebut & now mulut pun boley tahan pantang saya menyebut pasti nak follow.Heee ;) I think a first birthday is a massive milestone for a mum. One year of babyhood, done. Blink and you’ll miss it

With lots of love
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