2 months 7days left

hello! sorry for this overdue entry. :P there were sooo many things/stuffs going on these past few days and forgive me for not updating it sooner.no time to blogging.kinda busy lately..Hav been spending most of my time working, keluar carik barang kawen, seeing my fiance pun hr minggu jek..;(
i'm nervous! really nervous!! i've lots of things to think about now! THE WEDDING!
Our wedding! hmm... pening with all the preprations..i'm in a rush now!
so, let me update ..citer-citer yang lama dah nak update..

Pre-Wedding Updates:
1) Wedding Invitation Card: it's not finalized yet..(My fiance yg setledkan)
2) Fotografer : done!
3) Wedding Favors: In progress.
4) Surat Kebenaran Berkahwin/ borang3 etc: Pending!
5) Kursus Kahwin: Done! :)
6) Baju Nikah: DoNE.
7) Baju Sanding: Done!
8) Baju Bertandang: On the way..
9) Wedding Ring (For Me): pending! going to search in dis month..
10) Wedding Right (For Him): pending!
going to search in dis month..
11) Henna Service: hurmppp...tak jmp2 cr lg tempat.-pending!
12) Bunga Telur:
Bought it already..thanxs to SSF!
13) The Hantaran Deco for me /him :
in progress!alreay send at SSF home Decco..will pick it up on end of may..cant wait!!
14) HIV test - pending!
15) Souvenir - pending!
16) Canopy - done!
17) Catering - done!
18) Makeup Booking - done!
19)Pelamin Booking - done
20) Wedding Cake booking - pending !

ape lagi ek..hmmm..pening..tatau ape lg dah...okela,
another update, coming up!!


  1. sy pun otw nk tawen tp ade mslh la...


    wish sis nye berjalan lancar je..

  2. lor...nape tuw?
    takpe..hup sumenya ok yah..


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