Wedding Checklist

Okels, basically there's about3 months left before the big day..Mac –Apr –May- and not counting the June since for me, things should be ready by then. ;)Praying days and nights may the things go as the plan and as it is. I'm slowly, but surely, ticking off the items on my to-do list. Apart from having accomplished half of my to-do list, I'm feeling really great about my resolve to do what I'm supposed to do in a timely fashion.So the list goes as below. Should I miss out anything, feel free to let me know. (And other bride-to-be pun can share this list together-gether...)

Lyna’s Wedding Checklist

Hantaran Komang

1. Terjemahan Al Quran + Sejadah
2. Shoes
3. Sepersalinan Baju Melayu + Songket
4. Shirt+Pants
5. Wallet+ Belt
6. Watch
7. Toiletries Set
8. Cake
9. Fruits

Hantaran Lynna

1. Kebaya + Tudung
2. Watch
3. Handbag + Shoes
4. Toiletries Set
5. Bracelet @ Bangle ;p
6. Fruits
7. Cake


1. Choose Wedding Ring

Wedding Outfits
3.Solemnisation Outfits
4.Reception Outfits
5.Invitation cards
6.Bunga pahar + telur
7.Room Deco
9.Hantaran deco.
13.Doorgifts / Souvenir
15.Room Deco
16.Booking Flight Ticket For Honeymoon


1: HIV Test Step
2: Borang Nikah Komang
3: Surat Kebenaran Nikah Luar Mukim
4: Borang Nikah Lynna

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