time is running out

Time is running,The day is getting nearer and nearer... and now there's only 2 weeks to my engagement day..There's so a little preparations to do!..Let's see what ive been up.......
Nak kene list down jgk neyh ape yg dh selesainya..

1. fotographer - yeahh, finally i choose...en.fakh (http://mofahano.fotopages.com) done!

2. mini pelamin - intanlyanaz bridal done!

3. the brg2 hantaran - yg takder hanyalah kemeja.

4. hiasan hantaran - esk anta umh my auntie!

5. jamuan mkn - mama dh setled. done!

6. baju - esk siap.

7. anak tudung/selendang/pengeras - belum dibeli

opps.. da most important things my make over.......telah booking dgn amy..yeay!!akhirnya dpt jg gune khidmat die..

thats all for now..ape2 akan di update lg.

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