men survey3 besh jgk neyh.hehe..

1.Do you live on campus?
- during diploma years, tidak lg.

2.Which floor do/did you live on?
- ground floor..tak minat aku nk nek3 tangga neyh.hahah

3. Favourite class/subject?
- budak mls belajar ;p

4.Do you prefer Maths or English?
- ohh!hate both!

5.Where do people hang out on the campus?
- cafe kotttt.

6.Where do people hang off the campus?
-mahkota parade..thanxs u

7.Is your phone close to you?
-ya..alwizz beside me

8.What were you doing 12AM last night?
-surfing intenet.....daily routine

9.What are you listening to?
-samson..-tak bisa memiliki!

10.What was the first​ thing​ you thought this morning?​​
-hurmm.dont know,

11.Last movie watched?
-trophic thunder

12.Do you believe everything​ happens for a reason?​​​

13.Do you hate someone in ur faculty?​​​
-ader kottt..heheeh

14.How do you feel about​ chocolate covered strawberries?​​​
-prefer vanilla than choc!

15.What were you doing​ at 12:​​​30​ this after​noon?​​​
-went shopping

16.How are you feeling right​ now?
-feel good

17.What do you have to do tomorrow?​​​
-g umh komang.anta my pc!

18.What were you doing​ at 9 this morning?​​​
-still sleepg..

19.Think​ a lot before you sleep​?​​​

20.How'​​​s your day​?​​​

21.What are you doing​ now?
dok menjawab survey niehh!

22.Are you ok ?

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