pms is pain..

Someone please do the honor of killing me now please T_______T cause I’m having the worst period cramp in the whole wide world…I hate this time of the month cause I always get VERY SUPER DUPER bad cramps, those type that make you stop doing whatever you’ve been doing…Everytime when it hurts so bad until I can’t stand it anymore, I’ll go take the pink panadol that is meant for menstrual pain and now it doesn’t work anymore cause my body is used to it. Usually this cramp will hit me in waves one so now I feel it then 10 minutes later I’ll be fine and I won’t know when it’ll be back again…

Seriously I hate being a girl lah…And the worst part is my cramps are usually 2 days long BEFORE my period, 3 days long DURING my period…arrrggghh!
Eh.i should stop taking da pink panadol. i duno if it’s true, but most of my friend told me dat taking it frequently can make me “ mandul”..isit true?huuh..Finally.. i consult a doctor and he gave me this painkiller called Synflexx 750mg…it works for me, been taking it religiously for 5-6 months but i heard taking too much of painkiller is bad for da future coming.. T__T but no choice la,..Maybe..after this..i should stop taking dat pill. & wanna try to started taking Evening Primrose Oil capsules today for pms.maybe it work for me.

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