big spender!

I went a little crazy with my spending for this month...

  • En. Kud Burday Gift..i Gave him kemeja T from..tak yah ckp ler brand ape..karang dikata menunjuk lak..;p
  • New Shoes. I needed new shoes, and I have room in my clothing budget. However, I spent.... on a single pair of shoes. I chose to buy them from a vincci store, so I could try on a lot of different shoes. I'm happy with my shoe selection,..
  • Kak E newborn baby girl..ayooyo.bought her a cute pinky diaper bag.Lusa nak pg umah die..;)
  • jiran wedding day..adehs..tatau nk kasi ape dh. mati katak aku bulan nie...;[

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