I LOVE ANIMAL PRINTTED | The Leopard Print Fashion Trend

Animal prints in fashion are nothing new. (Of course, these days, prints are more often faux than not.) Leopard print goes in and out of vogue but is always a staple for gals who want to add a subtle hint of glamor to their outfit as well as gals who want to turn every head in the room..

Animal prints are always in style, and leopard print is classy and sassy without being trashy (say that five times fast!) Well, OK, sometimes it's a little bit trashy, but in the most fabulous and fashionable way possible.


  1. u look lovely as always. I xpenah pakai tudung pattern mcm gini :P

  2. i tahu mmg minat u pakai animal printed, pastu polkadot..heee;=)
    u pakai apa pun..tetap gojes..

  3. reena : u pun apa kurangnya :) actually tu pashmina i buat ala2 tdg 4 segi,.hehehe

  4. shikin : minat sgt2 kin.heeeeeee...polka dots animal printted mmg kesukaan ;D now berkenan tgk bag coach hok leopard printted.kiiiiki


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