1st entry in 2010!!~

Wow. Another year has gone by so quickly.
2009 has been a wonderful year for me. A year filled with important milestones.

It's the year I:

-turned 25
-got married to the love of my life

-first got pregnant

... and some other things that shall not be revealed here :)
I wish I could rewind all the beautiful moments, but the future is something that I'm looking forward to as well.

Goodbye 2009... and Hello 2009!


  1. Happy new year..

    Same la kite..

    getting engaged, married & pregnant in 2009.. The blessful year ever had.. :)

  2. hi kak lynna..

    our "achievement" gak same laa for 2009..cuma kak lynna lebih sket bab pressies for hubby tu..dua plak tu skali bagi!!



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