marriage life is beautiful

anyway, i believe marriage life is beautiful. let's just wish for the best rite?!

for my wedding preparation, i guess most things are prepared. my family & i are preparing the final guest list (which i believe to be the most important thing to do in the world when you get married). shoes is just another factor that raises my blood temperature level.(agak susah nk mencari kasut bersize 9).. alhamdulillah, i am satisfied with my solemnization & reception dress it turned out to be exactly of what i want it to be. barang hantaran is almost ready. Our wedding ring, it'll be just another item to be purchased early of next month.

if you would like to calculate how much does it cost, it would be almost 3x my salary. after all, i'm brankrupt. haha. that sums all of the cost i bear for the engagement & wedding.hUUUh!!anyway, my beloved parents do help a lot and a lot and a lot. thanxs mum,dad..i guess we are all just waiting for the ceremony.

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  1. nk saba nk tgk ur wedding...msti cantek....


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