the latest shocking news

Guess what's the latest shocking news in the world?
i'm getting engaged in........times..hehe.
I still can't believe this going to happen very soon. But U guess now its the time.So i hope i took the right move for now :)
btw..I am so lucky to have supermom like my mama. i know she's the type yang nak everything is perfect and in order.She arranged and listed everything that I should prepare for it.I could say that I havent prepared quite a lot. There's a lot of things in mind, i think i'll need to list down some portions of it..

1) What to wear - creame + pink theme..,- 15th of jan.tunggu nak amik gn auntie kwang.
2) The ring - this is the most important item! ;p terserah pd my bcome mum in law..for mum yg akan tempahkan..hehe.
3) Photographer - fakh @ takky..still deciding.
4) Barang2 for hantaran - not so much since just engagement..5 cukup oke,b?;p
5) what else ..the antaran deco like riben,kotak,bunga3.. - hr tuw dh beli kat SSf ade lg yg patut di tambah..
6) my makeover - huuhu..still deciding.maybe from ammy.
7)mini pelamin - serahkan aje pd intanlyanaz bridal..@ takpun..created by myself utk lg menjimatkan wang aku..huuhu..akan difikir2 kan..
what else what else...sapa2 yang dah experience tolong suggest pleaseeeeeeeee..
p/s: ni baru engagement. wedding preparation would be more fun.excited, excited. :P

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