lazzy mood...

K. hmm. it has been a long time since i update my blog.wh y? hmm..dunnoe. lost my mood 4 blogging a while. Lazy I yeaah. its d holiday. not in a holiday mood. juz feeling light n carefree. =) oh wait. extremely hungry too! haix...'ve already made plans 4 things 2 do for today ahaha.

  • clean my room. did i ever tell u my room looks like it had been wrecked by tornado?;p
  • rearrange de furniture in my room..
  • make over room..hmm,shud I paint my room??jelesh tgk bilik ema..
  • cleaning/washing my clothes
  • susun-susun & kemas balik all my handbag/kotak2 kasut yg dk berterabur
  • sweep and mop the floor.
so now, im trying to calm down n settle my task ..its 12.51 pm alreadyy. im so screwed. sheeeesh.

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