The absolute best

L'Oreal True Match

i choose ivory vanilla

I adore foundation and tried nearly every brand.The best foundation I had ever tried on and the first try I got the color match perfect by L'Oreal.. It's medium does not feel very cakey, and soo natural ( I does not feel like an icing cake sticking on my face anymore). Even though I have an oily skin, I can wear the foundation with no problems at all.. The perfection of the foundation showns when i get compliments from my friends about my new looks with the new fabulous foundation by L'Oreal. Love it!

P/s: Credit to L'Oreal!


  1. sis, Maybelline's Angelfit liquid foundation pun best jugak! ;)

  2. yeh enaz...;)
    yg tuw sis dh slalu pakai..flawless angelfit ryte?
    harga die lebeh kurang jek..

  3. ouh..yeke?
    memandangkan sis dah try dua2..
    sis rasa mana lg best n ok? ;)

  4. adeh..due2 okei..
    tp loreal mahal sket jek kan
    loreal paris..maybelline newyork
    both okei loreal neyh mcm shimmer gtuw kot
    nt sis try snappp pakai loreal eyh

  5. aah lynna, pkai loreal ni shimmer skit. memule dulu xsuke. da lame2 rse ok jek;)

  6. ouh..ok2
    saye tunggu ni ;)hehe
    nak tgk!

  7. saya pon pakai sama mcm awk dulu.. now i try revlon!!!


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